Trying to avoid flushing money down the drain? Drain Doctor offers some quick and easy tips to save you money, while keeping your plumbing in tip top shape!

Plumbing failures are not only inconvenient, but can sometimes be costly depending on the extent of the required repairs. At Drain Doctor, we try to minimize the inconvenience of untimely breakdowns by offering 24/7 emergency plumbing services; however, we also want to offer our expertise to help you save money, and prevent plumbing failures before they even begin. Healthy plumbing practices can reduce leaks and damage, all while saving you from incurring costly water bills and repair expenses. Here are some quick and easy tips to keep your plumbing running efficiently:

Eliminate leaky taps

A leaky tap is one of the most common culprits of high water bills. While a drop here and there may not seem overly problematic, it could cost you up to an additional 60 litres of water expenses.  Avoid overspending on your water bill by ensuring that all taps are completely shut off when not in use. If your taps are still leaking when they are turned completely off, having your fixtures replaced or repaired now will reduce water waste and prevent costly repair expenses in the long run.

Avoid flushing hair or floss down the drain

Many experience clogged toilets because they flush prohibited items down the drain. Even smaller items, such as hair and floss, can cause pluming complications as these items can build up over time in sewage pipes.

Keep an eye out for cracks and leaks

Early intervention is the best policy to prevent overspending on your plumbing. You can prevent plumbing disasters by regularly replacing broken fixtures and sealing any cracks. However, keep in mind that some leaks are not always visible. In order to ensure that you do not have hidden leaks, try checking your water meter during a period when no water has been used; if your water meter is reporting a change, then you may have a hidden leak. If a hidden leak is suspected, calling an expert plumber can help you resolve the issue before you incur costly expenses, such as water damage.

Keep an ear out for suspicious sounds

If your plumbing is making suspicious noises such as gurgling, rumbling or hissing, calling an expert plumber can help you identify the problem early on. These noises could be an indication of a sediment build-up, a pressure strain on your pipes, or other problems, which, if not taken care of immediately, could result in serious damage to your plumbing.

Clean your drains regularly

Cleaning your drains regularly can prevent clogging and avoid unwanted build-up. There are many drain cleaners available on the market to choose from, or you could use the common home remedy of 1 cup baking soda followed by 1 cup of vinegar to keep your drain clean and in working order.

We hope that these tips can help you save money. The key is early intervention and routine maintenance habits. If all else fails, Drain Doctor offers a variety of services at a fixed and competitive price for all of your plumbing emergencies.