If you’ve ever dealt with blocked drains before, you’re probably hoping that you’ll never have to deal with them again. Depending on the severity of the blockage, the inconvenience can range anywhere from mild to catastrophic. Some problems can be fixed in almost no time at all with a simple home remedy, but others require you to seek the help of a professional who has access to all the tools and methods they’ll need. Thankfully, not every slight hiccup in a drain’s life is a cause for alarm, and there are many steps one can take to prevent such tragedies from happening.

As noted, there are many warning signs to look out for that will alert you as to if your drains are experiencing any trouble or not. Firstly, you’ll notice an unpleasant and distinct smell in the drain, especially when it tries to flush. This will come from the water and debris remaining stagnate for such a time that it begins to sour and create an odour that spreads throughout the area. If the blockage in one particular drain remains for long enough, you’ll soon notice none of your drains (sinks, loos, or even outside drains) are working properly.

If you continue to let the situation escalate after this point, it may not be within your power to fix. The next inconvenience will be much worse than the others, as your waste and refuge from the recent weeks begins overflowing into your yard, driveway, bathroom or even kitchen. At this point it will cost more and take much more time than it would had you tried to fix it earlier. To avoid this altogether, look for the following signs.

If you hear odd sounds after you attempt to flush one of your toilets, don’t ignore it. The gurgling sound is made when the air in the drain is attempting to push through trapped water and waste. A rotting smell will be one of the first things you notice, which comes from the backed up water slowing becoming mildew and rotting the pipes. If you notice your water draining more slowly than normal, that’s a clear sign that something is in your drains that shouldn’t be.

There are a few home remedies you can attempt to prevent the problem from worsening. Consider, obviously, using a plunger to push any blockage entirely through your drains. You can also use Coca-Cola or another sugary, acidic soda to possibly break up stuck debris by pouring it directly down the drain. Drainage rods should be used as a last resort, but if you feel comfortable using one, you may be able to remove the blockage from whatever point it sits between your drain and the outlet.

If all of these attempts at home remedies fail, it may be time to look for a group capable of professional drain clearance in London. While it’s always smart to try your hand at a personal solution to any in-home problem you might have, it’s definitely not worth the risk of making the problem worse. If you feel at some point that you’re in over your head, or run the risk of doing any damage at all, step away from the problem and call in the professionals. They can ensure that your drains will be up and running again as quickly and efficiently as possible.