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Drain Lining

This is a method of repairing drains and sewers by inserting a sleeve inside the pipe which once cured adds strength to the pipe and also by making it watertight, increases flow. Any size of pipe work can be repaired using this method. This method of repair is the most financially economical and is also the less destructive solution to your underground drainage issues.

A resin impregnated felt is positioned into place and inverted and upon curing, the inversion tube is withdrawn and his creates a pipe within a pipe. If there are any incoming lines these can be exposed using a lateral cutter.

Localised patch repairs are our most common and effective drain repair. It is fast and non-disruptive and can be done the same day as your problem has been noticed. Patching involves pushing or pulling the localised repair patch sleeve to the damaged section of the pipe with the rods. Once the sleeve is in place over the damaged section of the drain it is then inflated to a set pressure while the patch repair cures in place.

Localised patch repairs are perfect for:

  • Cracked or fractured pipes.
  • Pipes leaking at specific points or connections.
  • Bridging and sealing open or displaced joints.
  • Root ingress repairs

It is effectively creating a new pipe within the old pipe, making it more affordable as the problematic area doesn’t need to be excavated. It completely seals all gaps, holes and cracks and is resistant to chemical attack and corrosion ­ making it a fantastic long-term solution too.

Excavation Repairs

Sometimes it is not possible to use the no-dig technology option to carry out repairs to your drainage system. Drain Doctor Plumbing & Drainage can carry out an excavation to expose the affected drainage in order to fix the problem.